There’s a Lot to be Said for Peace



As Artists, what do we require most to create?  Peace.  Quiet.  Reflection.  Meditation. Time alone.  Sanctuary.  And of course, Swimming!!!  Well, I am a Mermaid after all.

I’ve been given that gift, and it has saved me.  After whirling about in a tornado for quite some time now, the peace soaks into my skin like rain.

I’m not sure yet how I can repay the Universe for such a gift, but I’m hoping it will be by my sheer love and passion for what I do, by the beauty I can bring into another person’s life by my work, and by inspiring others to learn to love and understand all parts of themselves, the good, the bad and the ugly.  And most importantly, by not giving up.

As I sort things out, the work pours out of me.  I have my seventh Mermaid painting in progress, aptly named “Joy”, the actual name of my model:


I have my second original centerpiece design in my line of Mermaid jewelry getting ready for casting:


and I am working on a line of simple pearl jewelry, including bracelets which are just getting put up on Etsy.


You can view my Etsy Shop here.

And just this week I’ve begun to work with the SBA/Score to learn how to fund and grow my business.

So to my angels, of whom I have quite a few (and yes, you know who you are)…  those who have given me peace, sanctuary, the ability to safely express myself, a place to sell my work as I transition, help getting the materials I need, this is for you.

THANK YOU… from the bottom of my heart.  I feel the love and send it right back at you.

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