Those Pesky Red Flags

LindaQueally_OpalineBracelet3You know the ones.  The ones that pop up and say “Danger, Will Robinson”.  WAVE, WAVE, WAVE.  Oh, sure, you probably notice them.  Maybe you even ask your friends and family for advice.  And they unanimously yell RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

But you think, “Oh, if I just communicate my needs, everything will be fine.”

NO.  NO.  NO.  This is not so.

Once again a person entered my life waving a big red flag.  This time in business.

She fooled me once.  Shame on her.

She fooled me twice.  Shame on me.

There will not be a third time.  My friends warned me, and I didn’t listen.  It was kind of an expensive lesson.  The universe was testing me.  But I am learning to obey the flag sooner now.  Only two weeks in.  Enormous progress for me.  At the age of sixty, I am finally learning to identify what is good for me, and what is not.

This is enormous progress.