It’s a Thin Line

LindaQueally_SunsetLBBetween Love and Hate.  Between Sanity and Insanity…

It’s a short step.

I watched the sunset over my beloved Long Beach this week with the man I have loved for nearly eight years.  We reminisced about the many things we have done.  The many places we have gone together.  The work we have created together.  And we reflected on the things we have done wrong.  We took note of how undeniably human we are.  Of our ability to hurt each other and ourselves.  We recognized our capacity for love and forgiveness.  And we realized that this is a time for working on ourselves.  Our individual hopes and dreams.

We said goodbye to this place and this chapter.

I am filled with sadness.  And I am filled with hope.  So for today, like a life raft, I will cling to hope.