I Can’t Always See the Road

LindaQueally_Leaves.jpgI woke up this morning remembering a dream.  I can’t usually recall them.  I was driving down a road at night and suddenly everything became hazy.  I couldn’t see.  My instinct was to go right and crash into the bushes.  Oh no… I thought… another dent in my car (I have several).

I veered right and felt the bushes cushion my blow as I came to rest there.  The place was familiar to me although I couldn’t tell you exactly where I was.  My gut says Long Beach, my beloved Long Beach. The tears are rolling now as I write this, so yes, it was probably Long Beach.

I realized when the car stopped that I couldn’t see because for some reason I wasn’t wearing my glasses.  I reached down on the floor and I found them.  And voila, once again I could see the road.

And perhaps the universe was sending me a message for today.  As an artist, a friend, a mother, a lover, you can’t always see the road, but you will be ok.  Just keep going.

Happy Monday, fellow travelers.  Trust that you, too, will find the road.

And don’t forget you can read about my own earthly travels at artbylindaqueally.blogspot.com.



Those Pesky Red Flags

LindaQueally_OpalineBracelet3You know the ones.  The ones that pop up and say “Danger, Will Robinson”.  WAVE, WAVE, WAVE.  Oh, sure, you probably notice them.  Maybe you even ask your friends and family for advice.  And they unanimously yell RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

But you think, “Oh, if I just communicate my needs, everything will be fine.”

NO.  NO.  NO.  This is not so.

Once again a person entered my life waving a big red flag.  This time in business.

She fooled me once.  Shame on her.

She fooled me twice.  Shame on me.

There will not be a third time.  My friends warned me, and I didn’t listen.  It was kind of an expensive lesson.  The universe was testing me.  But I am learning to obey the flag sooner now.  Only two weeks in.  Enormous progress for me.  At the age of sixty, I am finally learning to identify what is good for me, and what is not.

This is enormous progress.